Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kevin Shulman/Kevin Dwyer @ Axiom 8 Films

I have worked on several jobs with Kevin Shulman/Kevin Dwyer, owners/producers of Axiom Films inc. aka Axiom 8. On each job I have done with them it has taken months to receive checks. There are several jobs from January that I haven't been paid on yet. I am not alone, there are other crew members in the same boat, ranging from Steadicam operators, grips, electrics all the way down to PA's. These people are not to be trusted, they have told me, and others, numerous times that my check is "in the mail" only to never receive one. They need to be stopped. They applied these same shady techniques with Raging Nation Films until they were both fired from that production company and started Axiom films Inc. applying the same shady practices.

Disgruntled Gaffer