Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Punch TV Network

[editor's note] The complaints about Punch TV Network have been archived but taken offline only for the reason that the following link is available:


August 7, 2012

Hollywood Crew Blacklist,

I am Joseph Collins CEO of Punch TV Network. I feel that we are being unfairly targeted by your blog.  I am respectfully asking you to remove this and all references to Punch TV Network from your blog postings.

I feel this these statements are very liable, slanderous and injurious to our company.  I am asking you to remove this blog. We have been a very fair company, and we have faced the economic pinch of this economy just like any other business in the US.  If there is someone who feels that we owe them anything, they can contact me directly and we will settle any outstanding issues. My number is ---------.

This has become liable. I have retained an attorney to deal with these issues.  But I am personally writing you to ask you to remove this blog, because I am sure that you are probably not aware of the seriousness of this matter and that you would want to avoid any future headaches.

I am asking you to remove this blog.

I await your decision on this matter, as I hope that this can be resolved quickly and expediently, without having to move the next step. It is my hope and sincere desire that respond by removing this blog.

I humbly and respectfully write,

Joseph Collins
CEO Punch TV Network

Sean Peden A.K.A. Sean Cook, REEL Entertainment


I worked on a film called: The Hustle Life, last month on 7/14/12.  I was one of several actors hired that day to work on this shady and unorganized project.  I was hired by Sean Peden A.K.A. Sean Cook of REEL Entertainment.  I am a big supporter of Indie projects but this one turned out to be no good!  All of us actors were told that a payment of $100 would be sent by the first of August...and nothing ever came.  I emailed, called and texted Sean Peden/Cook and he either ignored me or when I did get a hold of him, he would say the check is coming or can be deposited into my account...did that happen?  NO.  Sean Peden/Cook is a liar and preys on young talent to get free footage for his bootleg unoriginal "movie."

Please DO NOT work for him, he is dishonest and untrustworthy!!!!