Monday, October 22, 2007

Larry Ewing, Robert Johnson, EC Entertainment

These bastards produced a music video for MC Eiht & Ice cube a ways
back. Almost NO ONE got paid - not crew, not the location, not the
production staff, not vendors or catering, not even our firearms-
packing security Sully's Crew got their money. No deferment
agreements prior, no nothing. The address they gave as the place of
business turned out to not even exist (verified by Sully and his crew).

What is worse than all that is these people disappeared and let blame
fall upon the production and directorial staff who hired the crew and
rented the equipment from their own rolodexes, pulling favors in many
cases to get lower rates - effectively killing all those relationships.

It could be that Larry Ewing is just a poor Line Producer trapped in
between a dishonest scumbag Executive Producer and everyone who
didn't get paid. If that is the case, he is still a f*cker deserving
of scorn for not taking any steps to fix or honestly explain the

Robert Johnson (the executive Producer, NOT the glorious bluesman)
and EC Entertainment, however, need to be kept out of the business at
all costs. Despicable attitude and even worse business ethics. It
is not simply a case of running out of money or great
misunderstanding - it is outright fraud and they need to be painted
red so everyone knows it. And MC8 & Ice Cube, well, who knows how
much of this they were actually financing, if any, so...


postingit said...

I worked on that job and never got paid. I know for a fact the director, the DP, Larry Ewing and many others were never paid. larry ewing asked that we all be paid at the end of the day and some were but most of their checks bounced at the bank. That's crazy not sure what larry ewing as the line producer could have done. The executive producer was Robert Johnson, it's the E.P. job to make payment not the line producer. Sure I was mad with Larry for a long while but, it was not his fault and those of you know him know that.

But, that Robert Johnson has left a trail of unpaid crew from New York to Miami, to Atlanta to Houston. That's a damn shame.

Poc said...

I worked this job as well. Never saw a dime for two or three weeks of work and out-of-pocket costs. I got f*cked over pretty hard and was threatened by not just a few crew members and vendors who I had hired.
With Larry, well I don't blame him for not getting paid - I know he had no control over the actual finances behind the production. I was extremely angry with him for a long time for the way he dealt with the situation but That's water under the bridge now though - I think he's always been a pretty stand up, solid and trustworthy guy.
Those other motherf*ckers though...