Saturday, October 16, 2010

Craig Nobles / Swagg Media

Craig Nobles runs Swagg Media... Swagg Media streams a number of RnB and Hip Hop artist performances and events live to the web, hiring a crew of about 10 people each time. For the last few months Craig Nobles has simply refused to pay his crews for their last few gigs. Word on the street is that he was paid from his clients, but spent the bulk of those monies on his Amex bill, just blowing the crew off. When you can get hold of him he will hem & haw or just lie about the state of payment... he owes some people thousands... he may be hiring new crews because his established crews will not work for him until he pays us for previous work. He is not a man of his word.

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EJL & Associates said...

We are in the processing of having a warrant for his arrest for the issuance of a bounced check for over a $1000.00 in behalf of one of our clients.
We represent numerous freelancers with great results recovering there money.
If you would like further information please call me at 866-953-1777 ext.101.
Thank you,
Eric Levine