Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Idin Roshan Productions

Watch out for Idin Roshan Productions LLC, aka IRP and of course the owner of the company Idin Roshan. The company is located in New York City and bills itself as a provider of crew people. He'll hire you and make you sign all kinds of forms and agreements and then will violate many of the stipulations in the agreement, the main one being that crew will be paid in 30 days. He will claim that your invoice was improperly addressed or had the wrong date on it or asked for immediate payment when he dictated thirty days.

He is a man of many interesting excuses. After several assignments for a religious broadcast his excuse was that he was having problems with his bank. He eventually paid for some of the days.

He rented my HVX200 many times, in each case he held onto it for several days past the rental day so he could download the files from the camera to his hard drive. I cut him plenty of slack and only charged the one day in each case.

Each time I asked when I would be paid he hemmed and hawed and looked for issues with my invoices to delay payment. Once his debt went below $5000.00 I explained that I needed to know when I would be paid so that I could plan my spending. He emailed back that he would pay me when he felt like it and accused me for harassing him. I in turn explained that I would be taking this to Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Court is a really simple process. File the complaint, organize your evidence and appear in court on the assigned day. Once in court you are advised to allow an arbitrator to decide the case. We had our court date and Idin Roshan requested a hearing by the Judge. The Judge heard the case, reviewed the evidence and ruled in my favor. Of course Roshan tried to claim that my work wasn't up to his standards. The Judge asked why he paid me for so many jobs if that was the case. Roshan said he felt sorry for me. I could see the expression on the Judge's face from neutral to a WTF look.

The defendant has the right to appeal the verdict, which is what Roshan did. The plaintiff, when the case has been ruled in his favor, can require that a bond be posted to cover the amount of the settlement. To make this happen the plaintiff must freeze the defendant's bank accounts. I did all this and put IRP and Idin Roshan in a position where he would now be telling a new crop of crew that he was having problems with his bank.

In the end he dropped his appeal, which would have cost him a lot and paid what he owed me plus interest.

This guy is very difficult to deal with. He is a master of delaying tactics. He appears honest and of course he is not. Watch out for him.

Hello Sir, I read your article on Idin Roshan and am also a victim of his unscrupulous practice of receiving payment and not delivering what he promised. I am planning to take him to court but I cannot locate him to serve him the court documents. I read that you took him to small claims court. Can you offer some suggestions as to how I can get him served?

Thank you.

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