Friday, November 12, 2010


Editor note: certain names have been removed from this post as there is no reason to believe anyone is responsible for the bad check aside from the production company whose name is on the bad account.


I worked nine days in September 2010 on "SOMEBODY HELP ME 2" which was shown on BET on Halloween night 2010.

I receieved my paycheck which was returned as NOT SUFFICIENT FUNDS from the Producer Zeus Zamani of AZ FILM STUDIOS in Los Angeles, California.

I have contacted him thru e-mail and telephone which only led me on.
examples: The check is in the mail - I am so sorry.
I mailed you a check I am surprised you did not receive it
I 'll mail you a check next week.

Here it is November 2010 and now he is not answering his phone or not returning calls
or e mail. I went to Wells Fargo where Zeus Zamani has the checking account and have been turned away - not enough to cover the check.

Since I have been running into some crew who I have worked with on other projects.
I have been getting feed back that the Director/Producer, Chris Storkes is also a flake in not paying his crew or production bills. I wish I had known this before hand.

Here is a list of Producers on "SOMEBODY HELP ME 2". Watch out for these people and get paid in advance for you work.

[ed: name removed] Director/Producer
Zeus Zamani Producer AZ FILM STUDIOS, Los Angeles, CA
[ed: name removed] Producer
[ed: name removed] Producer
[ed: name removed] Producer
[ed: name removed] Co-Producer

And last but not least shame on you [ed: name removed] for placing the voice messages on the producers contact numbers.

Shame on you BET for allowing "SOMEONE HELP ME 2" to be shown on your network
that does not pay the crew their paychecks.

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Heart and Love said...

The movie didn't make any profit. At least it was made. And you had working experience and you can put that on the resume so other people will hire you.