Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cheryl Quintana / Creo 8 / Indivison 2000 / Mi Casa Network

I would like to report this production company which utilizes ALL of the following names

Cheryl Quintana (also goes by Petra Celia)
Sean Malatesta
Mi Casa Network (LA Center Studios, 450 S. Bixel St., Suite M160)
Indivison 2000 Production Company
Creo 8 Production Company

This company not only never paid me and a crew of 35 people. Cheryl Quintana actually harassed me personally for months after I demanded payment. On production she locked herself in her car and fled the scene to avoid paying us. She tried to run another member of the crew off the road for angering her. These people are not only untrustworthy but also mentally unstable and dangerous. Please share so other people do not experience what we had.

[Submitter's name redacted by editor]

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Jules2835 said...

I was on this crew and haven't been paid either. I was supposed to be paid on my last day on set, I was told they ran out of checks. Then it was email after email of excuses, including that my paperwork didn't exist, and that they thought I agreed to work for free. Cheryl/Petra has stopped responding to my emails. The production was very disorganized and there were safety issues.